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Now Your Phone Can Tell You Where Your Keys Are

Where's me keys, where's me phone...

No need for any more cheesy songs on the X-Factor about lost keys or phones, a revolutionary and more importantly, cheap, new “button” called the “StickNFind” is a great new gadget to stick on things to find your bits and pieces. These little fun buttons will cost about $25 (£15+) and come with a CR2016 battery which should last about a year. It also has an LED ring, a speaker and of course, it is Bluetooth. The device also has a small sticky bit so you can attach it to your treasured items.

The free app (iOS and Android) will find the button in a line of sight of about 100 feet. The app will show distance and direction and lead you to your treasure. The app will also let you activate the LED and beeper so you can home in on the target. There is also a handy feature that will alert you when your item goes out of range and it is also reversible so the button will alert you if you have forgotten your Smartphone!

The makers will release an SDK for developers to take the device further. One such suggestion is that a museum can attach them to art so that visitors can gather information about it directly to their phones. Other uses could include attaching them to shop assistants or venue helpers so that you can locate help.

The device is available on Indiegogo as a pre-order and should ship in March sometime.