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"Nearly New" Plan on Vodafone to Bring Smartphone Prices Down

But can you get a better deal on eBay?

Vodafone has started to introduce a new initiative to save new customers some cash. Their “Nearly New” programme will introduce customers to previously owned Smartphone’s returned by previous customers in a “very good condition”. They are then repackaged with the appropriate accessories and then farmed out for “cheaper than new” prices. They can be taken on PAYG or on contract but according to Vodafone, they are targeting the PAYG market to get users into the Smartphone clique without shelling out hundreds of pounds.

Available devices will be subject to stock and availability each month but have plenty of iOS and Android devices ready to be shipped. Customers that want to go PAYG can choose between an 8 GB iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with the 4 costing around the £250 mark. If you want to take on the contract route, then for £33 a month you can get a Samsung Galaxy S III for free or a HTC One X.

The programme is online now and available in some select stores for contract flavours with the PAYG route being available online and in-store sometime in the middle on January.

Something to think about though is that an iPhone 4 8 GB goes for under £250 on eBay but with the Vodafone route, you can be assured of good quality and if it breaks, you will have some comeback. Depends on how much you want to save?