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RIM to Let IT Have The Last Word on Camera Functions

Say cheeeeeeeeese, oh, wait.

In a recent submission to the US Patent Office, it seems that RIM would like companies and corporations to have control on whether or not to let the end user to use the camera functions on their phones. A new feature (yet to be implemented) will put an end to any unauthorised snapping to protect companies against security vulnerabilities such as document leaks and unauthorised access to data.

An excerpt from the new patent reads “the camera restriction prevents a user from taking a picture of a subject if the device has not been steadily focused on the subject in question for a predetermined period of time.” How long you have to keep your arm steady could be determined by the actual guys in the IT department. They also have the power to stop the camera usage altogether by “push” restrictions. There are no plans to have this new “patent” released in up and coming models but at least we know they are still cranking out the ideas to the US Patent Office.