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Too Much Apple Juice This Festive Period?

iOS 6 forgets to wake up on New Year's Day.

If you have taken advantage of Apple’s latest iOS 6, you may have noticed that your do not disturb was still on way past the scheduled “off” time. Apple were kind enough to let you sleep in to shake that hangover off. Oh, no, wait, it was another bug!

Users across Twitter have reported that the DND feature had remained “on” even after the time slot had been exceeded. This is linked to our friend, poor old January the 1st. Not content with trying to kill us all in the new millennium, 01/01 this time tries to get us all sacked by being late for work.

As yet, there is no official fix despite the alarm issues of 01/01/11 where one off alarms failed to chime. This was under iOS 4.2.1 so you think we would have some kind of issue free clock all these many releases later. Maybe the “clock” programmer is still sleeping?

You can see from the grab below, the DND is set from 00:00 to 06:00 but the time of 09:32 still has the “moon” of the DND.