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Samsung Launching Tizen Powered Phone in 2013

Japanese consumers get new mobile OS first.

Samsung is set to launch its first "Tizen" based smartphone this year and it will be Japanese consumers that get the first look at this all new mobile OS, but will it be any good?

While NTT Docomo and a few others will be taking care of the Japanese market, there is some interest in Europe already with Vodafone and France Telecom looking to incorporate the new OS at some point in the near future. Samsung obviously wants to take on Google and Apple in this extremely competitive market and its certainly got a gargantuan struggle ahead to compete with two already well-established OS, not to mention Windows Phone and a few others that are doing well.

So what is Tizen I hear you dying to ask? Well it’s a Linux based operating system that was spawned after Nokia pulled the plug on their MeeGo OS. Since then Intel and Samsung took over the Linux Foundation and have been developing this new operation system ever since. Being Linux based gives the OS a lot of flexibility and it could even be fully open source and is said to be usable across mobiles, tablets, smart TVs and more, which could prove useful in it gaining a foot hold in the market, especially is Samsung start using it across their devices.