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Intel to Launch Cable and Web TV Service?

Intel could be about to turn the industry on its head.

Apple have got their own TV service, Google have got their own TV services, of course the cable and sky TV companies also have theirs and there are plenty of new start-ups appearing every other month that are going to "revolutionize" the way we watch TV, there really is no shortage of choice, but Intel thinks it can do better and who am I to doubt them?

Intel are quit literally wanting to show these kids how its done and not only blow their hardware out of the water but also provide a much more unique service that will allow users to subscribe to individual channels, something that still isn't available on current cable networks that have always favoured the "package deal" format. It's also safe to assume that we won't be seeing an ARM processor at the heart of the hardware, fortunately though it seems all will be revealed very soon.

Intel are set to be on show at CES this month where we expect them to display this latest device, alongside a few other technologies of course so stay tuned for more.