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Flagship Haswell i7 4770K

New chips 4600 GPU is 3X faster than Ivy Bridge (apparently).

Intel is obviously proud of their new child, the highly anticipated Haswell range of CPU's that are already shaping up to be impressive just from their spec sheets. As with any new range of CPU's though, there has to be a top dog, a cream of the crop, a true flagship representative and here it comes in the shape of the Socket 1150, Core i7 4770K.

So what do we know so far?
  • Socket 1150
  • Core i7 4770K
  • Quad Core
  • Eight Threads
  • 8MB Memory
  • 3.5GHz Core Clock
  • 3.9GHz Boost Clock
  • DDR3 1600 Support (officially, I'm sure it will go higher)
  • Unlock Multiplier
  • 85W TDP
  • HD 4600 Graphics @ 1250Mhz

The most notable factor of the 4770K is the HD 4600 graphics, which is said to be a whopping 3x faster than the Ivy Bridge graphics core. Intel's inbuilt graphics core isn't exactly known for its graphics prowess, at least when it comes to 3D gaming apps but all that is slowly changing with each new generation of the Intel range. The new cores will run video conversion twice as fast, (near) real time photo and video filters for content creation, whatever they are.