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Craig Mundie to retire in 2014

Microsoft Chief Research Officer to step down.

It seem Microsoft is undergoing some massive internal changes and at the peak of this moving mountain is the legendary Craig Mundie, who took over the technical aspect of Microsoft after co-founder Bill Gates stepped down back on 2008. While Craig isn't exactly packing his back just yet, he will now serve as senior advisor to the CEO, reporting to Steve Ballmer and Eric Rudder will take up the slack from Mr Mundie for the time being.

Craig Mundie has established himself quite a legacy at Microsoft and with 20 years under his belt with the company where he has overseen Windows CE operating system, handheld PC, pocket PC and auto PC development, even some console gaming products and their digital TV section which purchased things like WebTV Networks.

For the last 10 years Mr Mundie has taken care of the company’s policies, liaising with the U.S. and foreign governments, he's served on the U.S. National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee and a whole lot more, even acting as Barack Obamas advisor on science and technology for a time.

Either way, I think he's more than earned a retirement by now with such a busy career behind him.