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Trouble for Google Maps on iOS

European watchdogs investigate privacy breach.

Apple devices do have their benefits, as much as I don't like them or their phones even I have to admit from time to time that they can be amazing products to use, that is of course unless you want to read a map and I'm sure you don't need me to point out all the issues Apple has been facing with their Apple Maps software.

Google decided to take the oppertunity and pushed out their Google Maps for the latest iOS and iPhone 5 to address the void that was clearly there for the taking, but now it seems Apple may be giggling behind closed doors as Google has landed its self in trouble.

The Independent Centre for Privacy Protection in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany has raided concern that the location data dharing on the current Google Maps is on by default and that the app violates European data protection law, oh dear!

When using the service you receive a warning that anonymous location data will be collected (by Google), but the accept and continue option implies that its not really optional and that your just agreeing to go along with it. The word "anonymous" has been called misleading as all the information gathered points to individual users and that google can track people using the data, which breaks European law.

There is a great irony to all of this of course, Apple Maps can't find the end of your nose with a big red arrow, but Google on the other hand are essentially being "too acurate" by using more information to provide mapping and local searches.

But I have to ask, is anyone even bothered these days? I'm pretty sure Google have all my information from other sources, so what difference is a little more of the same going to make.