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Samsung Responsible for Factory Worker's Cancer

Exposure to carcinogens due to lack of safety equipment and tests.

Death is nothing to be taken lightly and it's not the sort of thing you want to find in a work place, even more so if the event could have been easily avoided had proper procedures been in place. This seems to have been the case for on of the Chaebol workers at the Samsung factory in South Korea. The South Korean government has stated that there was in fact a link between conditions at a Samsung factory and the cancer case of one of the workers.

The worker "Kim" was exposed to organic solvents and radiation of unknown quantities over the five years she worked at the semiconductor plant, to which the judge stated that there was a "considerable cause-and-effect relationship", it's also been pointed out this could have been prevented had their been a radiation detector installed at the site.

Kim died in March this year at the age of 36, having worked for Samsung for 5 years between 1995 and 2000. While compensation amounts haven't been published a spokesman has said it will be equivalent to four years full pay for the worker. This isn't the first time it's happened at a Samsung plant either, but hopefully steps are now in place to prevent similar accidents occurring in their factories.