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MOH: Warfighter to Get New Maps This Week

New maps are inspired by Zero Dark Thirty.

Zero Dark Thirty launches this week, a movie based on the story of the search for Osama Bin Laden. Now I personally hadn't even heard about this film until today, don't much care for it either if I'm honest, but it does have an interesting relationship with the Medal of Honor: Warfighter game and its multi-player aspects that has got me thinking.

With the release of the movie comes a new add-on map pack for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 edition of the game. The map pack will cost $9.99 and of course if you purchased the Limited Edition of the game, you can download it for free. But this map pack is inspired by locations from the movie its self, now I don't know what they will entail but I like the concept non the less.

Warfighter hasn't exactly had the best start to its life and I can't personally see this map pack being hugely popular either but the concept holds some merit, so here is what I want to know.

What is your favourite game and what movie "inspired" DLC would you like to see? I don't mean a T-1000 charector for Halo or anything, but something along the lines of the metal works foundry from Terminator 1 as a map pack.