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NVIDIA Tegra "Wayne" Spec

Quad-Core Cortex-A15 GPU Detailed

Tegra is a big deal for NVIDIA, especially given its targeted right at the hard of the mobile industry and it doesn't take a genius to realise that mobile platforms are big business these days. The new codename "Wayne" Tegra GPU will be based on four ARM Cortex-A15 (Eagle) cores, a whole new graphics architecture, new memory controller, a fifth core that runs on low power for when the device is running in idle mode and a whole lot more.

So with five cores, four high performance and one low power, the new graphics engine is set to be a whopping six time more powerful than the Tegra 3 spec. It'll have plenty of tricks up its sleve too, such as high resolution capabilities and high speed shooting of hi-res images.

  • 4-plus-1 ARM Cortex-A15 general-purpose cores
  • 72 stream processors
  • Dual-channel memory controller
  • DDR3L, LPDDR2 and LPDDR3 support
  • 2560*1440
  • Pictures and video in upto 4K resolution

The new 28nm chip "Wayne" and its SoC counterpart "Grey" will be on display at CES and are set to take the super phone market by storm, I normally don't get excited about mobile tech, but this thing can crunch some serious numbers and should make the next generation of mobile playforms very interesting indeed.