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Samsung Flexible Screen Technology

New tech to be demonstrated at CES 2013.

Samsung have not one but two new flexible screens that they're set to display at Januarys Consumer Electronics Show  in Las Vegas, Nevada. The technology is known to exsist already, OLED flexible screens have been shown off as prototypes at a few trade shows now, but samsung are pushing this tech now for smartphone and TV applications, so it will be interesting to see if they just have the screen on display, or of course a full product.

The new 5.5" flexi screen will feature a 1280*720 resolution, making it perfect for mobile / smartphone applications, but if that's a little too small for your liking then they will have a stunning 55" flexible panel than could be used to anything from TV's to digital displays, who knows!

These new flexable screens are pretty much unbreakable, able to take immense folding, straign and more withing loosing picture and its certainly exciting tech. While I'm not sure what integration of the hardware will look like, I am certainly looking forward to seeing what the have at CES.