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PS3 best selling console of 2012

Out Sells Xbox 360 by 1.3 Million Units.

The Playstation 3 has taken top honours this year for most hardware units sold, this is despite the fact that its sales numbers declined for the first time (yearly) since the console launched back in 2006. Sony's big black box managed to shift an impresive 9,808,394 units this year, which is a 17.3 percent decrease over the same period from last year. This is both a sign of the recession still having a grasp on peoples wallets but its also one of the multitude of signals that the console is nearing the end of its life, most people who want a PS3 have either already got one or had one, sooner or later demand starts to die down.

But the 17.3 percent drop is nothing compared to Microsoft's Xbox 360, the Xbox has seen a drop of 24.9 percent over the last 12 months and sales have gone from a beefy 11,315,392 last year, to a total of 8,494,136 for 2012. Leaving Xbox 1,314,258 units behind the PlayStation 3 overall. This isn't going to worry microsoft too much however as the Xbox 360 has shipped more units in its lifetime than the PS3.

Wii sales have of course nose dived, with the launch of the Wii U comes the quick death of its predecesor and sales dropped by a huge 55 percent, seeing the console shift only 4,294,898 units for the year, which is still not a bad figure for an out moded piece of hardware. But given that Nintendo also managed to shift 11,095,859 3DS and 2,899,397 DS consoles, things aren't exactly looking grim for Nintendo.

Playstation Vita hasn't had a great start, but its not dead in the water yet either with sales of 3,257,583 units last year.

Lifetime Hardware Sales

  • Wii - 97,958,421
  • Xbox 360 - 72,263,580
  • Playstation 3 - 70,316,129
  • DS - 153 Million
  • PSP - 75 Million