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Exynos 4 Exploit

Samsung mobile devices could be at risk.

An exploit has been uncovered by a member of the XDA forums that poses a serious secturity risk for the Samsung Exynos chips, Exynos chips are commonly used in Samsung mobile devices.

The vulnerabilitity uncovered is in the kernel and allows any attackers to completely bypass the system permissions, gain access to ram or simply inject malicious code. Which is obviously a major security flaw and one that could wreak un told havok in the wrong hands.

So far it seems this issue only extends to the Exynos 4 range of chips not the Exynos 5, but the developer who found the security flay says " it is easy to obtain root access on affected devices, with no control over it."

The Exynos 4 and its related devices that could / are at risk are the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2, along with Galaxy 10.1 tablets.

Head over to the XDA forums for full details