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Agni's Philosophy Tech Specs

Remember the Square Enix tech demo, want to know what hardware it used?

It wasn't long ago that we saw the stunning Agni's Philosophy tech demo from Square Enix, their way of giving us a glimpse of what the true next generation of gaming hardware and software could/would entail. They did this by flaunting the graphical prowess of their new game engine and they did it with everything dialed up to 11. Why not check out the jaw dropping video below and then well talk about what and hopefully how it happened.

The level of detail bestowed upon our eyes is simply mind blowing, there are so many graphical tricks going on here it would take me days to detail them all! but not content with just being wowed with shiny videos, we all want hard core details and spec. It was revealed back in June that the demo ran on a single GTX680 card, by no means a modest and cheap bit of hardware but it still seemed improbable even then that a single GPU could handle this kind of fidelity.

According to GameWatch and 4Gamers, the demo was running on a single GTX 680, i7-3770K @ 3.5GHz and 32 GB of RAM, this is no humble number cruncher and is the hall mark of a system that would likely set you back around £1000 minimum to construct, but its not unobtainable. The demo is said to have used 1.8GB of texture data and a mixture of MSAA and FXAA processes, but the best thing of all, the entire city was tessellated! giving scenes in Agni's Philosophy a polygon count well over 10 million and a real time frame rate of 60fps.

The next gen is going to be beautiful, need I say more.