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iPad Mini 2 Rumor

Next iteration to have higher resolution screen.

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out, Apple are predictable and precise in their minor update over a steady time frame style of business. The iPad Mini hasn't been with us long but you can be certain it will be nothing but out dated tech within a few months.

The focus here however is that Apple is setting to fit the next iPad Mini with a higher resolution screen, although were still not certain if that will be a Retina display or not, but after reports of people not that keen on the lower resolution panels, it makes sense that Apple will improve a little. I would expect the resolutions to be in line with what Apple have already rolled out though as they're never quick to change a feature as it would anger far too many customers (not that it would stop them though, zing!).

Much like any new feature thought this would have a snowball effect and as such the new screen would want a more powerful CPU/GPU combo, but tag that on and your in need of more power and so forth, this hikes up the cost and would hit Apples profits, which they wouldn't think twice about reflecting with a price hike.

What do you think on the iPad Mini? Personally I think it's the dumbest premium gadget on the market today when compared to rival products but I would love to hear your thoughts.