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No Google Apps For Win 8

Not enough interest in the OS to commit.

Google are huge in the tech world and when they say their going to do, or not do something then it can have a big impact on the rest of the technology sector and in most cases a knock on effect down to the end user level. This time it seems Google have set their targets at Windows 8, or should that be, not set their targets on Windows 8.

Google hasn't written any apps for Windows 8, nor does it intend to at this time. Google have stated that their just isn't enough interesting in the operating system at this time and that users of Windows 8 won't be able to load their Windows Phone or PC with dedicated Gmail and Google Drive apps. This is of course a big deal and something that will no doubt impact users of the Google services and users of the new OS, not to mention it may hurt sales of Windows 8.

Google are missing out on a trick here I think and while they have their goals set on Android and iOS, I really think these apps should have been ready at launch for Microsofts latest OS. What are your thoughts on this, do you use Google's services or have you upgrade to Windows 8 and does this effect you in any way?