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THQ Makes A Bundle

Humble Bundle reaches not so humble target.

OK enough of the lame puns in the title, but if your a PC gamer that regularly uses the internet and you didn't hear about the THQ Humble Bundle, you need to get your eyes tested!

The pay what you want bundle have proven a massive success for all involved over the last couple of weeks, a level of success that can be measured in dollars as the bundle raked in a whopping $5,097,789.02

This amount will now be split between THQ, Charities and the Humble Bundle Group, of course how much money goes to each group was decided by each customer thanks to their sliders system, I personally gave an equal share between all groups but I can understand that some people only wanted their money to go to the developers or charity etc, but its great that they allowed us to do so.

The bundle hit $2 million in 24 hours and $4 million just a few days later. With Red Faction Armageddon, Darksiders, Metro 2033, Company of Heroes, COH: Opposing fronts, COH: Tales of Valor and Saint’s row the third on offer it was no wonder it sold well. But within a few days THQ added the excellent Titan Quest, Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War and a DLC pack for Red Faction Armageddon.

Thank you THQ and Humble Bundle for a great offer and obviously for doing it for a good cause too.