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Apple Hiring Engineers

On the scout for AMD GPU engineers?

Apple is up to something (nothing new there then!), with a recent job posting asking for a hardware systems electrical engineer to work on design integration for iMacs. Which sounds fairly straight forward of course, at least if you understood what any of that was.

But the secret here is that the requirements for the job are that you have experience in AMD GPU's and NVIDIA GPU's. AMD Radeons were taken from iMacs a while back now, so why on earth would they need someone to work on a technology they no longer use in their hardware, because Apple only looks in one direction and its forward. While sure this is just rumor and speculation (its the internet, of course its rumor and speculation) but could Apple be looking to use AMD graphics cores in their hardware once again?

In short, of course they could. Its a complex market and who knows what the iCamp is cooking up in the lab this time, but would they really be ready to ditch NVIDIA for AMD or could they offer the choice of graphics to the end user? who knows, its too early to say, but its certainly going to raise a few eyebrows at NVIDIA.

What are your thoughts, were Apple better off with the AMD or NVIDIA cores, or like most of us, do you simply not care? let us know what you think in the comments section below.