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Overclocking World Record for A5800K

Asrock and Nick Shih take Trinity to 7.93Ghz.

Overclocking is big business and a sport that in the technology world, is not taken lightly. While some people might think that it's all just silly ramping up the clocks on a system, there are many practical applications for having hardware that can be pushed to the absolute limits, but yeah, some people just want to watch the CPUs burn.

ASRock are a well known motherboard manufacturer and they've teamed up with Nick Shih. Nick is already known to be a top overclocker and with this new partnership he aimed to prove his worth and set a new world record for overclocking.

The AMD Fusion A-5800K "Trinity" CPU normally runs at a non-to-shabby 3.20GHz, but that's just not enough for some people and its not even half of what was achived by Mr Shih, as he was able to take the clock up to a staggering 7.93Ghz!

This obviously wasn't achived using cheap components and air cooling, this kind of performance requires special preparation. Nick fitted the A-5800K into the ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6 motherboard, plenty of LN2 (liquid nitrogen) cooling and a mixture of luck and skill to get the 7.93GHz clock-speed with all cores enabled.

“I absolutely love having fun with some of the best gizmos around, such as the new socket FM2 APUs and ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6. You can always expect amazing results when you are dealing with these reliable hardware. For me, 7.93GHz is merely a warm up. 8 GHz ready or not, here I come,” - Nick Shih.