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NVIDIA: Project Denver

Not Set To Compete for Micro-Servers.

NVIDIA has been slowing feeding us all details about its upcoming and highly anticipated project "Denver". Project Denver is a custom ARMv8 architecture microprocessor. It was belived, or at least speculated that NVIDIA could be going after the general purpose server markets with this new chip, something which Chris Evenden, Director of Investor Relations for NVIDIA has now been quick to dismiss.

“Today we are not looking to attack the general-purpose server market, that market is looking quite crowded, it will be a tough place to be. So, we will focus on the market we already know and which is a multi-billion dollar opportunity,” - Chris Evenden

We already know that the Maxwell Graphics Processor will be the home for Denver, but it will certainly be interesting to see what applications come from this next generation as so far the technology is looking highly promising.

NVIDIA is also rumored to be playing around with a custom ARM core known as "Boulder", which is said to be for general purpose servers, which Chris Evenden didn't care to confirm but did say "never say never", in regards to becoming a rival for the AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon chips. NVIDIA have as good a shot as any at taking over a large section of this market and a little more competition will only push further advancements in the area.

The high performance computing market is no doubt keen to get their hands on Project Denver, which is set to be a hybrid processor, featuring both 64Bit ARMv8 cores as well as NVIDIA custom compute cores (stream processors) and have the ARM instruction set fully integrated with the CPU/GPU on the chip, making this one highly versatile piece of hardware for Tegra, GeForce, Quadro to Tesla and more.