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Google Maps for iOS 6

Because lets face it, Apple Maps is seriously broken.

Apples map service hasn't exactly been in high favor recently, having people stranded in the middle of nowhere in the Australian outback recently, to the point where the Australian police deemed the app "dangerous".

Unfortunately since the launch of iOS 6, users of the device have had to wait for Google to push out their Google Maps for iOS6 App, which has been known to be in the works, although it wasn't expected for some time yet and this is somewhat of a surprise release.

The maps are just like the other Google Maps we have seen on Android, with a few tweaks to fit the Apple OS and interface. Of course the major feature over Apple is that the maps actually work (or at least we hope they do), but also come with the usual turn by turn navigation that we have come to love from Google's navigation software.

Apple are going to have to eat humble pie on this one, Google just make a better map and at the end of the day consumers just want a product that works.

What are you thoughts, have you had trouble with Apples maps, or have you been lucky to avoid this whole fiasco?