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Police Taser Woman In US Apple Shop

Trying to buy too many phones is hazardous to your health.

It seems Apple are never far from the news, be that good news or bad news for the company, there is always something to report from the iCamp. This one is a little perculiar though, which is saying something, even for Apple.

What seems to have unfolded is a woman tried to buy too many iPhones and the end result was that the police turned up and hit her with a taser. A report describes the event as a “modern day horror story", but that sounds a little over dramatic.

Either way, there are rules you must follow with Apple and it seems you can only buy so many iPhones. It's down to the sales people to decide how many phones a user is allowed to purchase and that's something the 44 year old Chinese lady literally didn't understand.

The lady had already purchased some phones the day previous, upon returning to purchase more, staff told her to leave the store, but due to her not being able to speak American English, or understand the large block quote of the store policy that was spooled off at her, the woman failed to leave the store. She had money to buy the phones, was in the phone shop and as far as she could tell, hadn't done anything wrong. It's no wonder she didn't leave the store.

But in typical "boy that escalated quickly" fashion, they called the police and it is said that she resisted arrest and got tasered, all because she wanted to buy a few phones? The woman was with her daughter who was quick to point out that the woman didn't resist arrest as she didn't know she was being arrested. The police turn up, she doesn't understand why, they take her phone and bag and when she asks why, she gets put on the ground and shocked.

Two sides to every story, but this sounds like it could have been handled much better than it was by both the Apple store and the police.