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Diablo 3 Console Edition

Game still in development, but nothing official.

While speaking with Polygon, Blizzards chief creative officer Rob Pardo said that a "possible" console friendly version of their smash hit Diablo 3 is still being played around with, although he went on to say that they're not yet ready to make any kind of official announcement.

It's not uncommon for developers to tinker around in the lab, there is a real chance that they're doing this in their down time just to see if it can be done. It's said that Blizzard is exploring the option of a console release and even have builds that are up and running, but it still lacks the status of an official project just yet.

It is believed that the team are focused on "the next big Diablo thing", which could be DLC or a future release, so maybe its just a resources thing, but at least we know on some level that it is at least possible to bring the game to consoles, just don't get your hopes up.