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Green Eco CPU's Go Server Class

Greener, Leaner and just as Meaner.

You would think that server class processors have more juice than their desktop counterparts. Well, this used to be true as larger companies have way more cash to splash on Xeon’s and Itaniums. However, the Prius driving data centre managers, now want servers to run on fresh air and rainbows as well as grunt out some tasty numbers. Cue the new Intel S1200. Available in three flavours, this 64bit 6-watt unit can deliver between 1.6Ghz and 2.0Ghz and support 8Gb of DDR3. These SoC (system on a chip) units will be able to power all sorts of data centre and enterprise class applications without the need for new software stacks thanks to the x86 supported architecture.

To make some sort of sense of this, Intel have been decreasing the Thermal Design Power (TDP) since 2006 from 40w to 17w earlier this year. Now with the latest 6w CPU it’s paving the way for the Avoton extreme energy efficient CPUs later in 2013. This will also be the case for the next gen “Haswell” Xeon E3 V3’s giving customers greater choice.

Looking at the specs, the Xeon’s still pack more punch per watt so a green data centre is still some way off the pace. Companies still want to use their cash to the max and will probably go for the newer Xeons, the buzz word on the street now though is for the newer SoC style chips so it’s anyone’s guess!