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The GeForce Experience

NVIDIA Launch Software Beta.

Earlier this year we heard a little about the "Geforce Experience", but now it seems NVIDIA has made good on their promise and released a beta version of the software to 10,000 registered users. It was handed out on a first come first served basis, I my self got hold of a copy. So what on earth is it you ask?

NVIDIA ran a large survey last year, which claims that around 80% of gamers run their games at default settings! which is obviously just wrong, but who am I to judge the majority of PC gamers. This does of course mean that so many gamers are missing out on the best graphics features their games can handle, or of course it means that some gamers are getting poor or at least less than optimal performance for their system, with anything from the wrong resolution to a shoddy frame rate.

The Geforce Experience is a standalone app that scans your games, scans their settings and finally your hardware. It takes all this information and pairs it against what NVIDIA have in their database, which runs on NVIDIA'a cloud-based supercomputer which will test the game, flicking on/off settings until it hits a target FPS. This all sounds fantastic but in reality you load the software it says "optimal" or "not optimal", you click "optimize" and go play your game. Now while the results haven't been perfect from my experience, the software is in Beta and NVIDIA are constantly updating their data pool, so expect big improvements.

It's not perfect, but it definitely works, for those that have a real lack of knowledge of modern advanced graphics settings, this could be the answer to many of your problems with its simple and easy to use interface. Of course their is a just as simple "revert" button should you disprove of the final outcome.