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To Those Who Say IE 10 Sucks...

Well you're just sad, say Microsoft...

In a bid to win over users, Microsoft have resorted to calling nay sayers "sad". In a bold advertising campaign to get users back on to their browser, they've released a YouTube video of a nice chap trolling the web posting negative comments all over about IE. he even drinks from an "I Hate IE" cup! As well as suggesting the browser is only good for downloading other browsers, this kitten hating troll eventually gets won over by HTML6 integration as well as a karaoke web standard.















It seems that the 10th instalment has started to capture some people's imaginations... I'll leave you to think on if he now uses IE10 over Firefox. Me, well I think I will wait a bit before I judge. I do use Firefox more than IE9 for now but that's because I'm a long term user of FF, that and my corporate virus checker has hooks in iexplorer.exe and pretty much kills it dead. I'll let you all know if I manage to suck less.