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Crysis 3 Set To Punish Your PC

HD Textures to be available at launch.

When the original Crysis launched people were stunned at just how demanding the game was to run on even the most sturdy of gaming rigs for the time, that has of course disapated with modern mid-high gaming rigs now being capable of pulling aroudn 200fps on the title without breaking. Then with Crysis 2 people were holding onto their seats ready to be blown away by another graphical Juggernaut that just didn't deliver. Not that it was an ugly game, far from it, it was just easier on the ol' graphics card and people wanted the brutal benchmark and bragging rights that came with the original.

So now it seems Crysis 3 is set to keep both camps happy, offering wide range support for shall we say "more modest" systems, but then also offering the full fat, in your face, cause your graphics card to melt down and die ultra mode. The game is set to ship with high-red texture options on release day and advanced graphics options that the console editions couldn't even dream of.

A quick look in the "Advanced Graphics Options" menu of the game presents you with:

  • Game Effects
  • Object
  • Particles
  • Post Processing
  • Shading
  • Shadows
  • Water
  • Anisotropic Filtering
  • Texture Resolution
  • Motion Blur Amount
  • Lens Flares

The game already ships with hi-res textures, advanced settings, heavy tessellation options, DirectX11, improved water, fog, cloud, AA, cloth, physics and a whole lot more. Best start looking at upgrade for your system, this one is going to be a stunner.