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Cooler Master Makes Liquid Cooling Comeback

Cooler Master Seidon 120M marks the return.

Cooler Master has announced their return to the liquid cooling market. Having already created the industry's first all-in-one liquid cooling solution with the Aquagate back in 2004, CM have been looking to make a comeback as big as their first effort to the world of water cooling.

Tired of the copies that CM feel have filled the market, they're set to come back with the Seidon 120M, which is said to feature a unique pump and block design that will set it apart from its rivals. Not only that but CM promise this to be the first in a long line of new water cooling solutions from Cooler Master.

The Seidon 120M's water block is crafted from a single block of copper, with special Micro Channels that maximize the heat dissipation. The integrated pump / water block combo should save some serious space too, leaving plenty of room around the CPU socket and offering improved performance.

As with most AIO water cooling solution, the 120M features quick and easy installation that is pretty much plug and play, it will come with support for all the latest intel and AMD sockets, including LGA 2011 and AMD's FM2 and it should be available some time this month for around £45,95.