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TSMC Set to Produce NVIDIA Maxwell

20nm GPUs are in development.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co is set to be the primary manufacturer of its next-generation graphics products. NVIDIA are all set to start work with the 20nm produced technology, setting TSMC up to construct (code-named) Maxwell graphics processors for the expected 2014 range of products from NVIDIA.

NVIDIA has already evaluated other foundries for their next gen processes  but settled on TSMC and NVIDIA say that it will likely use TSMC for their most important project, mostly Maxwell of course since this is aimed at the 20nm architecture.

Maxwell is set to be very special for NVIDIA, which is set to contain their project Denver 64-bit ARM-compatible general-purpose core. This is a big thing of course as it will make the GPU capable of booting their own operating systems from and on the GPU its self and it will be highly scalable, for everything from mobile to professional applications already being planned.