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Wii U sells out in US

Nintendo shifts an impressive 400,000 units

The Wii U is not without its fans it seems, while the phrase "haters gonna hate" applies, this much can be said about almost anything that is on sale today. One thing is for sure though is that the reception for Nintendo's latest hardware is generally favorable.

This does of course come as little surprise though, especially since all 400,000 units were taken up by pre-orders prior to the consoles release, this just means that everyone paid up on or after release day. Nintendo is obviously  happy with the result of the sales, but because of shops having no stock of the consoles, sales are taking a big hit and would likely be a lot higher if anyone had the consoles available for purchase.

To give you some perspective, Nintendo shifted 600,000 of the original Wii in the same time period. It is rumored that Nintendo has a large shipment of the console on its way, although they have failed to comment on this one. Either way the Wii U is this years hot gadget and come launch time in the UK, I can guarantee that if you don't pre-order, your not getting a Wii U this Christmas.