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Day four at Insomnia 47 - The lull before the pack-down

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Sundays aren’t usually the lull day, but as we’ve found with Insomnias that aren’t on a bank holiday weekend a lot of the gamers have to shoot off on the Sunday to return to ‘normality’ for the Monday that follows the amazing, hectic and mind blowing weekend they’ve just had at LAN.

After a few days of LAN I often find myself disconnecting from reality and losing my mind to what I can only attempt to explain as a ‘real world internet’. After being referred to by your handle (online alias) for days on end and using terms such as ‘lol’, ‘pwned’ and ‘you jelly noob’ in general conversation without ridicule, I think you start to adopt your ‘online persona’ and in a sense, become your online persona. Imagine 1,000 people walking around as they would on Xbox Live and PSN and you have what I call a real world internet experience, the trolls are trolling and noobs are.. well they’re just noobs.

I digress, but I’m trying to explain how easy it is to lose yourself in something like this, the immersive nature of the LAN is one that can’t be underestimated, as I’ve found on days like this the lull is usually the result of people fearing that they have to return to normality and begin their normal everyday lives as everyday normal people. We have the rare few people here who do this sort of event day in and day out, those people are usually the ones who are unfazed by the lull and seem to avoid falling into it, but for those of us who are subdued by the sadness that the next day is back to the real world day, the last full day of LAN is a sad sad day, a sad day indeed.