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The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 3

The meet, greet and drinks in the pub....

I enter Guba’s office on a late Friday night, as agreed with him after a day full of meetings with his clients and backers from all over the world. As I start looking around at the empty office, which I expected at 7pm, I found myself wondering what type of game he is making as I have no idea because Texas John has not told me the platform or type of game that Guba is making.

“Well this is it” Guba announces as I sit down in his office, I do notice a few sketches on his desk and wall (which I can’t really tell you about as the game has not been released yet). “What is the game about?” I ask, Guba is reluctant to say anything at all about the game and just smiles, I take that smile as a sign that he isn’t really wanting to talk about the game at all, which is fine as I’m not really hear to talk about the game and understand his position as he does not want any leaks out.

After some discussion I realize that his game is going to be a social game, a Facebook game, so as you can imagine from my previous post this is going to put me on the back foot, Facebook game developers are my arch enemy! But I decided to approach it with an open mind…

As we leave his office after talking about the reason he chose Manchester and how he came to be a games developer and about some of his time in other games companies, I notice a light on in the far end of the office. Guba leads the way to this light where I find Programmer John looking like he is winding down after a long days coding.

“Have you committed your code today as I want to start a build” Guba enquires to Programmer John after introducing me.

“Yes, there are a couple of issues that I need to discuss on Monday” replied Programmer John

“Do you have time for a few Friday beverages?” asked Guba

Programmer John agrees as he turns his desk light off and all three of us head of to the local pub to talk more about how gaming has changed and what is to come. As we enter the pub we see a spare table outside under a heater (which is great as it’s bloody cold outside) and decided to sit under it.

Guba goes up to get a drink so I start talking to Programmer John. He tells me that he used to work for the likes of Psygnosis, Code Masters and Sony Computer Entertainment. He told me that he liked working for all three of them but a lot of the times licensing agreements got in the way of innovating in games, you would put something new in the game which beta testers would love only for the licensee to have it taken out due to restrictions.

I asked Programmer John how he knew Guba and how he got to start working for him. John explained that they met while working for Sony, Programmer John had worked there when it was Psygnosis before being taken over by Sony, but Guba had joined after that. He then went onto talk about how after Sony had closed their Liverpool studio Guba asked him to work for him as a programmer and he jumped at the chance.

At this time Guba joined us at the table after getting himself a drink…. but that is for the next blog