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Socket LGA1150 Motherboards Details Surface

ECS Haswell details leaked.

ECS Elitegroup are set to release their upcoming Hawell-based motherboard into the wild, but not before a tasty list of them has appeared online for us to pour over. Sure there isn't a lot of details here just yet but there will no doubt be plenty more to follow fairly soon.

The new motherboards will be fitted with the LGA1150 socket, the successor to the current LGA1155 socket and chips. ECS has givin their new Socket 1150 motherboards names too, with the Z87H3-AX Extreme and the Z87H3-AX Golden, which will come with plenty of gold fittings and components as the name suggests. The name is also a dead give away to the chipset, with both boards running on the new Z87 hardware, the successor to the current Z77 chipset that we see on Socket 1155 boards.

Lastly we have the ECS H87H3-M4 Micro ATX board, while not as high end as the other two, this will be more aimed at the general market that the enthusiast / overclocking world and hopefully it will still be fantastic, yet cheaper.

There are no more details unfortunately, at least not yet but we expect a lot more details to be release very soon. With the Haswell chips hitting the market next year we expect a lot of these kind of announcements over the next few months.