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Google's Maps Go Indoors

A year after its announcement Google's indoor maps seems to have taken off.

Just when I thought that Google had everything covered from all the maps in the UK and most of the world, satellite images for most of the western world, street view and also not forgetting sea view which I covered in a previous news post.

In November of last year, Google first introduced their "indoor maps" feature for Google Maps, which brought indoor floor plans for a variety of transit, cultural and retail locations to Google Android users specifically. One year later, Google's expanded the indoor maps feature to its standard Google Maps implementation on the Web.

"Before heading home for the holidays or out to shop on Black Friday, check out indoor maps of the airport or shopping mall on your desktop to better plan your trip. Simply zoom in on a building on Google Maps and you'll automatically see a detailed floor plan with helpful labels for gates at the airport, stores within the mall, departments within a retail shop, as well as ATMs, restrooms and more," described Google in a blog post last week.

Google have made some pretty impressive claims about the indoor maps saying if offers more than 10,000 different locations across nine different countries, including the UK, US and Japan. I recommend checking out the website and seeing what all the fuss is at it's quite impressive, but don’t forget that it is still in beta…