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AMD's Steamroller for 2014

AMD reconsidering x86 CPU roadmap?

It's been a long rollercoaster ride for AMD recently and it doesn't seem like their steping of this ride any time soon as the company undergoes its extensive internal makeover. As many of you may know, AMD is under going some massive changes at the moment, with staff being cut, streamlined and basically doing what ever needs to be done to turn the company back in to a profitable state of operation. So lets take a look at what that means for their up coming products.

With Intel and AMD forever at arms, AMD needs some real contenders on the market in the X86 range, while I don't want to get into a debate on "Intel VS AMD", both have their merits and both are good for the market. But with Steamroller, the next AMD CPU architecture now looking like it may be coming later and later, things aren't looking good in general for AMD, who really need some competitive power houses on the market.

We already know that AMD has dropped their Kaveri APU which was running on Steamroller in favor of their Richland Piledriver powered chips instead. What this means is likely no Steamroller chips in 2014 and could signal that the chip may in fact never see the light of day. So instead AMD could be planning on pushing out new ARM based server solutions throughout 2014.

Steamroller already saw set backs after issues with the 28nm process, further holding the hardware back due to low yields or unsatisfactory performance. Following recent staff reductions its likely AMD couldn't re-design the chip in time for production at Global Foundries in 2013.

It's a tough time for the CPU maker, but maybe this is a good thing for the company as it cuts hardware aimed at smaller parts of the market that weren't proving profitable, maybe this time next year things will turn around for them and they can start on the heavy R&D again. Only time will tell.