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The new WD Black Edition

Oh, it's only 4Tb by the way...

The Western Digital “Caviar” range is dead. Now rebranded the “WD Black”, the new desktop drive delivers a mighty 4 terabytes in a 3.5 inch form factor at 7,200 RPM and a SATA 6Gbit/s interface makes this the new flagship unit.

WD has loaded these with dual processors and it could be that these units become hybrid at some point, you know, those ones with “flash cache” that make the drive exceptionally fast for common transactions. The unit still has three platters and uses a dual-stage actuator arm as before. The unit now holds the record for holding 1,333Gb per platter for this form factor.

WD do have SAS and SATA 4Tb drives but these use five 800Gb platters. The closest Toshiba drives max out at 3Tb but no double they will announce a similar drive soon. Seagate also max out at 3Tb but they also have three 1Tb platters. Maybe they could be the first to release a five terabyte drive? Hitachi also have a 4Tb drive but these run at 5,400 RPM.

The new WD Black range will come in with capacities ranging from 500Gb to 4TB with the RRP of £239.50 for the big boy. That works out to 60 pence per megabyte.