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The End of Interchangeable Processors?

Are CPU's ready to be integrated with motherboards...

A media report has surfaced which says that the next generation "Broadwell" processors from intel will only over the chips in BGA packaging, meaning the chips would be integrated with the motherboard and thereby elimiate any future upgrade potential for both the board and the processor.

It's very easy these days to have a fairly standard desktop system and pluck up the cash to buy a new processor, it's as simple as removing the old chip and popping in the new one so long as your motherboard is the same socket and the device supports that chip. Device support is pretty robust these days and its a great way to spark new life into your system.

But in two years time, could Broadwell CPU's change all this? scrapping the now popular LGA format of sockets and pins in favour of full integration into the motherboard? it's not an uncommon practice to do this of course, Intel them selves already do this integration with the Atom processors in some systems.

PC Watch, a Japanese website says that Haswell CPU's may in fact be the last LGA package range of CPU's, the kind that allow you to remove the chip and upgrade your hardware. Going on to say that Broadwell chips which are due in 2014 will be soldered right onto the boards.

This is great news for the tablet, HTPC and low impact systems market, but should this keep moving all the way up to the desktop market it could send a shock wave through the industry, but of course only time will tell on this one. While there is a lot of credibility behind why Intel would do this (money is a safe bet) I for one can't see it happening across the full range. The enthusiast market is too important to throw away upgrade potential, resulting in customers having to buy a whole new board every time the wanted to change their CPU.

Of course Intel has stayed tight lipped on this one, but well update you in good time if we hear of any further developments.