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The Dizzy Series Returns with Dizzy Returns (Subject to Kickstarter Funding)

The Oliver Twins hope to kick start the Dizzy franchise with new game in the classic series.

There can’t be many 30 plus gamers that don’t remember Dizzy right? I remember being on my Commodore 64 when I was a teenager making that little egg with arms and feet jump around like no one’s business (not that I knew what I was doing most of the time), but the game itself is seen as a classic platformer amongst all types of gamers.

Well the two British developers that created the world famous Dizzy series, Philip and Andrew Oliver (better known as the Oliver Twins) are back and want to create a more up to date version of Dizzy for both iOS and PC with additional platforms dependent on whether the campaign exceeds its funding target.

So as you might have guessed from the above the funding is another Kickstarter crowd funded project. Developed at Blitz, the studio is looking for £350,000 during the next 28 days to fund the new game, Dizzy Returns. At time of writing the game has taken £2,577 from 81 backers, let us hope that they get the funding they require as Blitz CEO Philip Oliver said “Dizzy Returns is the game that Andrew and I have wanted to make for over twenty years”

It is nice to see some of the classics coming out of retirement, with this and Elite hopefully getting funding my next few years will be sorted…