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Basic CCL Replacement Laptop Battery Information

A basic overview of why you would consider purchasing a new or alternative laptop battery

Why buy another Laptop Battery?

Purchasing another laptop battery can be useful for people who find themselves regularly away from a power point and requiring extended battery life. Batteries also degrade over time as you charge and discharge them, their performance will decrease slightly with every charging cycle. After 12-18 months you may notice the performance of the battery has significantly reduced by as much as 30% if you are a heavy user, this would be another situation where a replacement battery could be a good alternative to purchasing a new laptop.

What are extended batteries?

Many manufacturers ship their laptops to satisfy the needs of the majority of their customer base. This may mean the laptop battery is small and designed not to spoil the appearance of the laptop. For most users the 1-3 hour battery life these batteries provide is sufficient for daily use. Some power users however require extended battery life so look to purchase larger capacity batteries that can extend performance by up to triple that of the standard battery. They can be large and protrude from the laptops normal dimensions adding extra weight to the unit. For some users these are essential accessories for making their laptops useful.