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Steam Passes 50 Million Users

Sega VP of digital distribution states some interesting Steam figures.

Well I’m sure that some of you have heard of Valve, and arguably their more successful and more known product Steam. For those of you that have been living in a cave, no it would have to be worse than that, you'd have to be in cryostasis for the last 6 years to have missed what Steam is. So for those of you who partook in the cryostasis tests, then let me explain that Steam is an online store application which allows you to purchase, download and install games, not only that but satisfies publishers needs for DRM.

So back to the news… Valve's digital platform continues to grow, as at the London Games Conference 2012, Sega’s vice president of digital distribution John Clark reiterated Steam's 50 million user milestone, with 5 million users playing concurrently. Valve first announced that it had 50 million users in a video statement released during the launch of Big Picture mode. Clark also commented that the beta for Big Picture mode has 500,000 subscribers (not to be confused with users). To put this into context Electronic Arts announced that its competing service, Origin, had 30 million users during an investors call at the end of last month.

Clark also revealed that Steam Workshop has over 300,000 items and 106 million community contributions.

As you can see Steam seems to be nowhere near its user roof and I for one, hope that it continues growing (and also stay on Windows).