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16-Core SPARC Chips

Fujitsu and Oracle Discuss Chips at ISSCC.

SPARC architecture servers are set for a new generation of chips from Fujitsu and Oracle, we already know that both companies are developing new sixteen-core chips for server based solutions, but the companies are set to reveal more details about the hardware at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in February.

The tenth generation SPARC64X will be Fujitsu's latest sixteen core CPU aimed at the next generation of UNIX servers, although it is said that the company has cancelled the SPARC64 IXfx sixteen core CPU which was aimed at super computers which it developed with LSI Corp.

Oracle is set to disclose more details about the new SPARC T5 microprocessors, these will not only take the core count from 8 upto sixteen but will also take the clock speed from 3.0Ghz to a sturdy 3.6Ghz. New features such as memory versioning, in memory columnar database acceleration, hardware decompression and other software-specific accelerators are likely too which will help boost performance of Oracle software.

The companies involved in these chips have been slow on the development front, these things do take time but it seems these details are being let out to favour investment and serve more as an update on their progress for the next generation of chips. With fierce competition coming from IBM's Power 7+ and the new Intel Itanium microprocessors all making a big for the next range of super computing applications.