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Nintendo Wii Signs Off

Nintendo developed games are no more for the original Wii.

Nintendo has finally given the last wave to the Wii, stating that while it still intends to sell the original Wii console hardware it no longer plans to develop any games for the system. This is of course to be expected as the company shifts its focus to the new Wii U hardware and software and it's time to lay the old dog to rest. I never much liked the Wii and I know I'm not alone in this opinion it had some great games but the console spent more time gathering dust than actually making me wave my arms around. That being said it's hard to give Nintendo a hard time about their previous hardware, sure it wasn't great, but that didn't stop them shifting over 100 million units, locking the Wii as their most successful console ever.

You will still see some games for the Wii as 3rd party developers will still want the large audience of the installed user base of the Wii, but times change and so will the developers as we make the move to the next generation of Nintendo hardware.

“Wii itself is really interesting because there are so many people who have that system and know what that system is that there's still a lot of opportunity for software sales on Wii. […] I think there is also the potential for a lot of people who still have not purchased Wii, who might be interested at the right price. […] There are [no new Wii games in the development pipeline] right now,” said Bill Trinen, the director of product marketing at Nintendo of America, in an interview with GameSpot web-site.