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Can you play Halo 4 on your PC? Yes, sort of

You'll need a VGA cable and a crap TV to make it worthwhile

Halo has relaunched this week, which has led to hysteria and pant-wetting and all the stuff that comes with a gaming franchise as popular as the Master Chief-led saga coming back after seemingly being retired a few years ago.

And seriously, Microsoft is pushing the launch. Earlier this month, basically the entire country of Lichtenstein was transformed for the Halo launch, which saw a 13th Century castle dressed up to be more Halo-y, actors dressed as Master
Chief running around in Warthogs and, like, fights. And earlier this week, London was lit up by a 3.2 tonne flying 'glyph', which is essentially a big light hanging from a helicopter. They don't even do this stuff for FILMS.

But is it any good? "
[It's] breathtaking, heart-breaking and awe-inspiring," said NBC News, who you can sort of tell were hoping to get a pullquote on the box. But still, early reviewers agree: Halo 4 is rad on toast. That's why so many people turned out for the midnight launch.

“Halo 4 marks a rebirth and a new beginning for one of the most beloved and iconic franchises in the modern history of entertainment,” said Microsoft Studios president Phil Spencer.

“Over the past decade, the Halo franchise has become a bona fide pop culture phenomenon, and Halo 4 promises to take the franchise to a new level and set the stage for the next decade of Halo.”

But will Halo 4 be ported to the PC? According to a Microsoft representative: nope. The anonymous source told Penny Arcade, of all people: "Halo 4 was designed specifically for Xbox 360, and while we’re always exploring new ways to expand the franchise and share the Halo experience with as many fans as possible, we do not currently have any plans to port Halo 4 to PC.”

BOO. BOO. But that does not mean you can't sit in your computer chair and play Halo 4. You just have to have a decent LCD monitor and a VGA adapter. Oh, and an Xbox 360, obviously.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801484367-ADNFCR