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Thermalright announces new 145mm fan-based cooler for thin gaming rigs

Thin is in, so the new fan cooler is ideal for 90 per cent of desktops.

You might not have noticed because they are doing it so well, but PCs are getting smaller. They are getting slimmer and easier to carry and, quite often, have a touchscreen attached.

You could feasibly lose the new Microsoft Surface down the back of your sofa. Even gaming PCs could be hidden inside a book.

But that comes with its own problems, like keeping said tiny gaming rigs cool. However and thankfully, Thermalright has this week unveiled plans for a new super-thin fan based cooler that is just 145mm in height.

"Built on the basis of Thermalright's successful True Spirit 120, the True Spirit 120M is Thermalright advancement towards silence, performance and ompatibility," said, well, a Thermalright statement.

"Made specifically for Micro ATX users, the total height is only 145mm, about 16 per cent lower than the 160mm Tower standards that Thermalright has set years ago. Along with a full sized 120mm fan, the True Spirit 120M is the best companion for your slim case."

The Science Bit: basically, Thermalright tuned the four copper heatpipes to be slanted towards the back of the cooler. That means the surface area and 120mm fan remain the same, but a more compact profile is kept throughout the rest of the cooler.

And, additional bonus, the tweak rules out much of RAM interference issues that can often arise from pairing a fan with a compact case mod. It makes the Thermalright perfect for overclockers and minimalists alike.

And the new fan - codenamed T120M, because everything has to have a codename - should fit into 90 per cent of the market-ready cases. Any case with an existing fan at least 8cm in height will be able to switch in the new silent-running cooling system, so pretty much everyone can enjoy the benefits of the new hardware. Hooray.

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