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Microsoft set to switch Live Messenger for Skype, says sources

Announcement could be made early next week.

Microsoft is looking to retire its Windows Live Messenger service in favour of Skype, according to a number of dark and mysterious sources.

As The Verge reports, the software giant is looking to put Windows Live Messenger in a pair of comfy slippers, stick a pipe in its digital mouth and get it a soft chair near a fringed lamp to see out the rest of its days. The service will be replaced in a partnership with the hugely successful VoIP software, Skype, taking the existing user base and inherent familiarity that millions have with the software and transferring it fully to a Windows environment.

"Microsoft has slowly been moving people over to the Messenger backend for Skype over the past few months," said The Verge's Tom Warren. "Around 80 per cent of all IMs sent on Skype
[are] handled by Messenger."

Warren also noted that those quiet, behind-the-scenes moves that should see Live Messenger magically replaced with Skype have been in the works for a while, seeing as users of Skype 6.0 on both Mac and Windows were given the option to log in to the service using either their Facebook or Microsoft accounts.

Sources expect the announcement that Windows Live Messenger has been officially packed up into a longboat, set alight and pushed out to sea at some point next week, once the Windows 8 and Windows Surface RT furore has all died down.

The move clearly anticipates that, with the launch of 4G services in the UK and such data transfer becoming more widespread overseas, video calls will become more popular among the casual user, with businesses looking to do the same with conferencing. And as we move into this shiny, scary future where you have to be ever more vigilant of where your webcam is pointing when its not turned on, you should stock up on accessories for your PC that make VoIP calling as simple as possible.

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