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Borderlands 2 characters might need a flu jab

A video game virus seems to be killing off characters in the popular Xbox 360 game.

Video games are becoming more and more realistic, but with the latest bug to hit the popular Borderlands 2 game, computer viruses are a little too lifelike, spreading to characters in a way similar to a real-life disease.

The bug, which only affects Xbox 360 gamers, stems from a hidden feature that can be activated by players who have modified their console. That is, they have changed the device in a way that allows them to play pirated games or change coding, reports the Telegraph.

It seems that the affected characters in the game then act as carriers, transmitting the bug to other characters, and deleting them permanently when they die.

Apparently, what happens is that players with modified consoles can opt to enable 'badass mode' when they play Borderlands 2. This play mode offers a variety of perks, such as enhanced protection with special armour, and different weapons that can cause serious damage.

But one of the downsides of 'badass mode' is that when a player dies, they cannot 'respawn,'. That is, they cannot come back to life to continue playing.

The problem occurs, however, when players who haven't modified their consoles join a multiplayer game where other users have. Because of the way the game works, all of the characters are forced to start using 'badass mode' as well, even if they don't want to. Then, if their character dies during gameplay, it's gone for good.

Gearbox, the maker of the game, has warned players that users are violating the code of conduct established on Xbox Live, and that the use of 'badass' mode is considered a practice that could "maliciously disrupt the experience and sabotage characters".

The statement, however, seems to have fallen mainly on deaf ears, and the problem has continued to spread.

Gearbox has also said that it is working on a way to fix the issue, but distribution will take time. Until then, they suggest saving games regularly to avoid losing progress.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801480925-ADNFCR