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The Omen-esque Lucius released on Steam

Take on the role of the devil's offspring in Lucius, a video game heavily influenced by the film The Omen.

Children possessed by the devil are, without a doubt, one of the scariest features of horror narratives. We've all seen The Omen and sat aghast on the cusp of our seats while little Damien unleashes hell upon his family. Now gamers can take on the role of the similarly possessed Lucius youngster in the recently released title named after its little protagonist.

The number six is rather crucial to the video game Lucius, with the little boy being born on June 6th, 1966. He was expected to be a completely ordinary child and, everything is normal until his sixth birthday, when his little known father, Satan, reveals the lad's true calling in life.

Players take control of the boy who has the explicit aim of murdering his entire family though supernatural powers, such as telekinesis and mind control, to orchestrate accidents of a deadly nature. All the while gamers have to keep his malevolent identity a big secret. This is the beginning of an altogether more time consuming mission of bringing about an end to the entire human race.

There has to be some complicity from the parents, who went ahead and gave their child a name that is just three letters away from being Lucifer and choose to live in the stately home Dante's Manor.

It's an original take on the horror genre as, rather than putting players on the receiving end of unbridled fear, it instead has them dishing out the terror.

Thankfully, the boy is the son of a rich US governor. This means that he doesn't just have mum, dad and a sister to hunt down but also a bevy of gardeners, maids, tutors and even a house butcher who reside in the manor to slaughter.

The title is available through Valve's digital distribution service Steam at 15 per cent off until November 1st, meaning it costs £16.99 rather than the usual £19.99. It is also available through