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New Tomb Raider set to 'please PC gamers'

Tomb Raider will please PC gamers with its optimisation for high-end performance.

The forthcoming Tomb Raider reboot title will really please fans who are playing it on their powerful gaming PCs, according to the game's art director Brian Horton.

Speaking in an interview with the magazine Edge, he explained that the PC version of the title will be specially crafted and optimised for the best performance possible with a keyboard and mouse. In particular, this means a lot of extra graphical finesse that high-end gaming computers can cope with.

"We spent a lot of time making sure that the standard here is good enough for someone who’s only ever experienced Tomb Raider on PC," said Horton, who works for developer Crystal Dynamics.

"We have dedicated people making sure the PC game feels just like console ones, but at the same time takes the best advantage of the format. We’ll have things like being able to have higher-resolution textures. There’s a lot of details I can’t go into right now, but the PC version will definitely make those who have a powerful gaming PC very, very happy."

The video games, which is simply entitled Tomb Raider to reflect the fact that it is going back to the roots of what made the series popular, is due to release in March next year.

It is set to be a lot more gritty than any title before, and has a bigger emphasis on survival, which Mr Horton explained has been influenced by films such as The Descent and 127 Hours, showing the lengths humans will go to when they are pushed to the limits.

Unlike previous games, it will also have much more exploration involved in the gameplay without being an entirely open-world experience.

"There are these hub locations you can revisit as the character gets more developed; you can explore them. We’re really trying to make sure there’s a mix of scripted moments and moments where you need to explore and really discover this island," he said.

It is this island, he added, that shapes and moulds the protagonist Lara Croft.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801464143-ADNFCR